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I'm a freelance developer based in Armenia, CO, specialising in building web apps, consider myself full-stack developer but I tend to work more on the back-end. I also enjoy testing new libraries in my spare time. I like drinks, Mac OS and Linux. I enjoy building stuff, investigating new technologies and general hacking. You can find me on popular Slack groups for developers. I love to communicate and discuss ideas to figure out real world problems using software.

Work Experience

AngularJS 1 / Ruby on Rails developer - DockStar (Sep 2015 - Present)

Track warehouse loads. I'm in charge of develop the entire website, there are two apps: the front-end which has been built with AngularJs and additional JS libraries, the back-end which is a JSON API built in ROR 4 Test are written with Rspec (unit), Airborne (API) and Protractor (E2E).

Full Stack Developer - Nibble Inc. (Dec 2014 - Jun 2015)

I was the main developer of the website and API since this project started back in 2013 as part-time developer, then I was hired as full-time developer, in this position I started by making the application fit with our investors needs because they wanted to manage thousands of products and stores by locations in Canada which was not possible in the previous version of the application. I learned AngularJS 1 working here.

RoR Developer - Globant (Apr 2014 - Dec 2014)

I was in charge of multiple Ruby projects mostly in the Back-end. My main role was maintain Ruby on Rails applications, giving support to existing projects and implementing new features for them.

Senior Web Developer - Scholar Box (Apr 2014 - Dec 2014)

Was the first company I worked as full-time developer freelancer. At Scholar Box I put in practice the Ruby knowledge that was acquired at Koombea. This web application was a tool for students who were looking for scholarships, I implemented the pyment system, I also made modifications to the application so the users get access to reports, improvements for scholarships search, and many others.

Ruby Developer - Koombea Inc. (Fed 2011 - Dec 2014)

This company fully trained me on Ruby language and Rails the framework, I learned a lot from this company and the people that worked with me knows what they do. At Koombea I mastered at Ruby and I can say that I became a professional Ruby developer there. This company has three areas of development: Design, Front-end and Back-end, I was part of the Back-end department in which I worked with teams composed by a group of Ruby developers, most times doing pair programming. Also I was part of the quality assurance team in which team members were in charge of writting integration tests, make code reviews, discuss improvements with teams, report issues, and do performance testing.

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